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Zhejiang better wild agriculture outfit: to adapt to the market for development

        Ancient book cloud: "the essence of car name better wild", "as a company that most medium wheel tractors and the national enterprise, we hope 'better wild' 28-60 series tractors can as the name, become stable and reliable car farmers mind the elf." Zhejiang better wild agricultural equipment Co., LTD. Deputy general manager HanLiJian said.
        Zhejiang better wild agricultural equipment Co., LTD was established on the basis of the hangzhou longfa machinery Co., LTD, founded in 2001, is the zhejiang hangzhou xiaoshan district new street in the town of a private enterprise, in 2006 is evaluated hangzhou city zhejiang province high and new technology enterprise and small and mid-sized enterprise. In recent years, "rather wild" brand tractor success to the market, gain the good users reputation. The company existing a mix production line 28-60 horsepower wheeled tractor production line, designed capacity of 18000 units. Company production equipment, have the computer control, tractor chassis dynamometer pto running-in machine, gear box test rig, not pervious to light before smoke and so on many kinds of domestic advanced project detection equipment, assuring the product quality. The company also won the tractor export license, and through the iso9001 quality system authentication
        Since the inception of the purchase of agricultural machinery subsidy policy, China's tractor market present sustained, stable growth trend, with sales cycle of rising longevity, the year of the tractor market again "at" the country appear the demand situation, zhejiang better wild agricultural equipment Co., LTD. Has also ushered in the career of the new peak. To this, HanLiJian analysis says, tractor sales this year market has been hot, mainly in the following two reasons:
        From a supply and demand perspective, last year the advocate of energy conservation and emission reduction of the restriction of electricity in the proposed policy measures, the production capacity of the foundry enterprises by the certain effect, leading to the tractor production enterprise of relative shortage of inventory; And the supply and the demand stimulus, that makes the market "appetite". To better wild tractor for example, although the production is expected this year than last year by 30% but still far enough to meet the demand of the market.
        Two farmers from the view point of view, the prices of agricultural products last year, many farmers get the expected of the income. The xinjiang cotton prices, for example, normally 6 yuan/kg of price, in the end of last year to 12-13 yuan back/kg, price more than doubled. Farmers get the expected in income outside after, buy a tractor of the plan is then put on the agenda. Therefore, many farmers in subsidies down this year before he set to work to achieve buy tractor wish, this on certain level, also led to the expansion of the market in domestic tractor this year.

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