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'Better wild 'equipment ZhengGuoGen: do farm machinery industry leading

        The days, zhejiang better wild agricultural equipment Co., LTD. (next weighing that better wild equipment) the chairman ZhengGuoGen already forgot her birthday. Look from the schedule, the birthday of the day he's still in the town on business. "In previous years, eat a noodles also calculate the birthday." ZhengGuoGen smiled and said, "if one day up, his own company became the leading enterprises, the industry is not an make people happy and proud of things? These busy was worth it."
        This takes the lead us man xiaoshan accent fast through hang him and took pictures of the dignitaries corridor. Better the periphery of the wild equipment on empty, color marked orange red tractor tidy arrangement. He pointed to one was not say proudly: "these cars on the road, if open than Rolls-Royce also pull breeze."
       Three years between, hangzhou xiaoshan district is located in the town of new street ning wild agricultural equipment Co., LTD. Started from the suburbs, gradually to provincial development. "The company annual sales amount basically doubled or so." ZhengGuoGen said. In 2009, sales of agricultural machinery ning wild in more than three thousand sets. By 2010, the figure rose to six thousand sets, and its sales income is jumped for $310 million.
        In 2001, the factory director or down clothing factory ZhengGuoGen bought for the role of mechanical formerly known as private small factory, going to a new start.
        November 1, 2004, the law of the People's Republic of agricultural mechanization promotion of implementation. In ZhengGuoGen opinion, this marks China's from one-way agriculture in the form of work up and began to fill with industry farmers change mass. Also in this year, the national farmers began to buy the farm machinery designated category issue subsidies, and BuTieE a sharp increase in successive years from 2004 up to 2010 of the 70 million yuan in 15.5 billion yuan. The scope of the agricultural subsidies and constantly expand, some places appear even years did not see the line of farmers to snap up the situation of agricultural machinery. In ZhengGuoGen opinion, farm machinery industry of spring.
       In 2007, ZhengGuoGen spend bought Nordic system, the SuoYa series chassis technology, began to establish can mix production line 28-60 horsepower wheel tractors, and gradually stripping the old lawn mower business, began to advocate tractor production business, and very soon to farm machinery equipment from farm machinery sales transition.
       "In 2010, there are 13 varieties of tractor into the national support promotion of agricultural machinery products catalogue. In 2011, the number rose to 20, our company produces the tractor is one of them." ZhengGuoGen open directory said, "our company tractor that is the core of motors, other parts are to other enterprise for the work."
        In the coating workshop, the zhejiang merchants "reporter saw masked workers to paint the tractor. The biggest a blue paint tractor has two meters high, this kind of an agricultural machinery will become the future's flagship product. And at present better equipment production and wild-60 horsepower series belong to medium-sized tractor, is currently the main types of the tractor market.
        Although use just a three year's time, ZhengGuoGen will do the same rank enterprise of zhejiang province and 2 the 14 th. But ZhengGuoGen realized that the whole farm machinery industry is still in the spring and autumn and the melee situation. According to ZhengGuoGen plan, in 2011, the better the wild farm machinery sales is 500 million yuan. But for several hundred billion dollars of the market for agricultural machinery, ZhengGuoGen development space is very big still.

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