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Flood the field service time of China flowers—Exclusive interview: zhejiang better wild agricultural equipment Co., LTD ZhengGuoGen chairman

        Success is not lucky, struggle for really the beginning. In every achievement prominent behind a arduous struggle of the story. Zhejiang better wild was established in 2001, and has decades of history than enterprise, is the farm machinery industry after entry, but after less than 10 years of development, has become the jiangsu and zhejiang provinces area and even the whole country are a little famous agricultural machinery production enterprise. In 2006 is evaluated hangzhou city zhejiang province high and new technology enterprise and small and mid-sized enterprise, "rather wild" brand tractor is with the fastest speed to the fields all over the country. After the 10 years of wind and rain course, zhejiang better product, the quality of the wild, to the service can't any slack and relax, always with a tightened the product quality and service two root lines, improve the product market share in successive years, farmers to any user product loyalty as the farm machinery industry leading enterprises.
        As a farm machinery industry after the entry, zhejiang better wild have their own unique insights in service. For this reason, we interview with zhejiang better wild company ZhengGuoGen chairman, asked him to come talk to farm machinery industry the understanding of the after-sales service.
Farm machinery 360 nets:
        Farm machinery industry in recent years after the rapid development, enterprise scale unceasingly expands, some far-sighted agricultural machinery industry are paying attention to the enterprise after-sales service work. As a farm machinery industry, director of the mainstream enterprise, you think farm machinery industry after-sales service development present situation?
Zheng dong:
        China's farm machinery from the 50 s China first tractor factory was born out, have made great progress. Especially in the 21 st century, along with the country the "agriculture, countryside and farmers" value and the policy support efforts to strengthen, to the agricultural products for many years of subsidies, greatly inspired farmers buy enthusiasm, farm machinery market unusually hot, has already reached a "at" the degree of agricultural machinery production enterprise also springing up sharply increase, and market competition has reached the white-hot degree. In order to capture market, expanding volumes, each production manufacturer bend over backwards, launched intense price competition, quality competition and marketing strategies competition, service competition, especially now users' rights legal consciousness and continuously enhance the consciousness of product, price, quality and service put forward higher demand, farm machinery industry production enterprise are according to different area and its own characteristics, use "by 3 packets", the enterprise since the bag and so on many kinds of forms of service work..
       I think overall services is to reach. According to the investigation of the enterprise users to see, the customer service satisfaction of my company in 95%. Of course, since the agricultural machinery production enterprise now has increased dramatically, and its features are: large, medium, small with the excellent, good, coexist, together with JiShou skills training at that time to meet demand, the operation of the different levels, and many other reasons, sometimes troubleshooting is not seasonable, customer service to produce some complain that even conflicts occur occasionally.
        I believe that an enterprise and dealers, one is to increase our enterprise product performance, technical characteristics, operating essentials of propaganda; Two is to strengthen the communication between customers initiative, and go out to the user, to go to the fields, learn the user's demand, help to solve practical problems; Three is more for the sake of users, the "if I were the user" empathy, trying, trying to, responsible for customer service, we improve the service level of the every step, and the user's satisfaction will improve a little, want to be able to do this, the enterprise will be in the fierce competition in the market in an invincible position!
Farm machinery 360 nets:
        Farm machinery equipment consumption has been gradually moving towards the professional consumption, buy the farm machinery products are rapidly form relatively stable group of a consumer groups, how to let users repeat purchase, form for enterprise product dependency and brand loyalty is agricultural machinery production enterprise to be the problems faced. In mature user groups, "service" is usually win customers of a knife edge tool, you think farm machinery enterprise should provide users with what service?
Zheng dong:
        In order to improve our service level of agricultural machinery enterprises, better service for agriculture, rural areas and farmers ", I think mainly provide three aspects of the service: technical service, troubleshooting services and 3 packets of parts service. From the point of view of the sales activity, lengthen the service chain, completes the pre-sale service, the sale of services, after-sales service these three articles. The so-called pre-sale service, which is in the user buying machine behavior happened before, organization performance, product promotion products, through a variety of forms such as technical training course, the user of the product technical performance, work efficiency and operating quality, operation norm, points for attention has a primary perceptual knowledge, improve the product awareness and stimulate the desire to buy; The so-called sale service is business personnel service attitude hospitable and natural, polite, initiative, seeking truth from facts, the detailed introduction product features and performance, main parameters, 3 packets of service network, let the user buying enjoyable, using at ease, the desire to buy into the actual purchase action; The so-called after-sales service is the end user behavior to the actual use of buying machine in the whole process of, First of all: or the organization of the timing user access, understand the enterprise products the actual use of the situation, ready to listen to customer's opinion, repair the machine, etc.; The second: to attach great importance to the construction of the three services network, let users in the use of appeared in the process of failure can get near and timely, fast processing; Third: to ensure the timely and sufficient supply of spare parts; Fourth: in the user relative staging areas represent selection users to visit the factory, understand the scale of the enterprise, the craft is equipped level and overall enterprise image, in order to enhance the user to enterprise and brand recognition and brand loyalty, then so enterprise will be better and better.
Farm machinery 360 nets:
        Modern enterprise competition, "service" as the core competitive force of the enterprise elements, you talk about farm machinery enterprise how to construct a "service" system for the future development makes its own core competitiveness? In this respect, better wild and how do?
Zheng dong:
        I believe that an enterprise, first should always firmly establish the "users first, quality first" philosophy, must want to practicing skills, improving quality management, ensure the quality system really effective operation.
        Below I briefly from the order of production by former after to it. First: to spare parts suppliers supporting ability, quality assurance, the comprehensive strength of evaluation, evaluation, perfect the qualified supplier to establish and perfect the quality certification system, and on the product quality from the source of good foundation; The second: strictly good raw materials, spare parts into the factory of the quality license shut, do not qualified don't put in storage, not assembly; Third: strict production process each process quality control, do not qualified on process and not allowed into the next working procedure; Fourth: strict with the RuKuGuan, do not qualified the machine does not put in storage, not sales, make our factory produce of product reliable performance and stable quality, maximum limit reducing the failure. This is the first, the most fundamental effective service! At the same time, we want to use the modern enterprise management idea, the service into our enterprise quality management system is the important component of the quality management by the enterprise internal extension to the market, extended to users' hearts. At the same time regularly carry out users access to, in the process of 3 packets of quality information collection, arrangement, feedback, disposal of the efficient operation of the whole closed loop.
        In service in form, our factory at present mainly take entrust 3 packets and enterprise group the combination of 3 packets, and do our best to ensure that customer service requirements. In addition to customer will, in order to strengthen the timely, quick supply fittings, our factory founded the fittings dept., make sure that the users' demand accessories. Not only that, our company also new changes in the market, customer new requirements, continuously explore and adjust the new service manner. In short continued to provide customers with satisfactory products and service is our commitment and pursue!
        Evolution of competition, zhejiang better wild way for the future development of will face more arduous challenge. But, from zheng dong explain words, we see the hope and future of the enterprise. Have client 95% on degree of satisfaction, for farmers, in time, users with sincere service, for the user to provide technical support service... . Everything, all in the show us a rich sense of responsibility of agricultural machinery enterprises in the user interests and enterprise between interests make the selection. Condensed essence, forge ahead, and the remarkable innovation, to be the first, better savage to the market in a satisfactory results.
        We look forward to, "rather wild" will hope to broadcast the field again.

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